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Professional organisations and websites:
- Federation of the Food Industry in Belgium (in French and Dutch) 
- Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain
- East Flanders Chamber of Commerce

Professional magazines and publications:
Made in Belgium
- Belgian foreign trade and investment guide
Kennedy's Confection
- Privately owned int'l b2b publishing company, based in the UK
Candy Industry
- American magazine for the sweets industry
California Almonds
- Almond Board of California, USA

Exclusive dealers of Nougat Vital in the UK:
Creme d'Or
- Importers/distributers of the highest quality chocolate and confectionery from all over Europe into the UK
Town & Country Fine Foods
- Speciality Supplier of Premium Products to the Food Service Industry

Vital is represented in 40+ countries.
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Some of our colleagues Master-Confectioners and Chocolatiers:
- Créateur Chocolatier since 1857
Godiva Chocolatier
- Legendary passion for chocolate
- Finest Belgian Quality Confectionery and Chocolates
Callas Confiture
- Handmade, with lots of love and intuition, in limited editions. Always with a unique flavour
- The best pâtes de fruits


Organisation of trade fairs, prospecting trips, market research, sales offices abroad, etc.