~What is Nougat? 
Nougat (<Lat. nux gatum, nut cake) is a candy that is traditionally found in the countries around the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Nuts and honey which are found in abundance thanks to the warm climate, are essential ingredients to any variety of nougat.

In Spain for example, which is very well known for its almonds, we can find them back in the Spanish nougat varieties turrón and jijona.
And Italy was always famous for hazelnuts from Piemonte and pistachios from Sicily, so hence they have been included in their so-called torrone.

In France, the typical almond nougat of Montélimar originated after Olivier de Serres planted the first almond trees in the Ardèche-region. The origins of nougat though, are much older, since historical traces were found in the Byzantine Empire (from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages).

Today there are many varieties of nougat to be found worldwide. Often produced by the descendants of Spanish and Italian families whom emigrated and introduced their family-recipes in the new country where they settled.

~How is Nougat manufactured?
Nougat is a subtle combination of egg white, honey and/or sugars, nuts or fruits and an aromatic food additive.
The type of nougat that grandfather Vital developed, and which we still faithfully produce every day, is a variation of the French Montélimar-nougat:
- it is solely made from freshly beaten egg white, - with fine sugar and real honey, - exclusively with almonds, and if necessary , - supplemented with real pistachios, - with real vanilla, coffee, chocolate, etc.

~How is Vital Nougat made?
Simple: just like in the old days!
Without chemical substances, with genuine ingredients. Following grandfather Vital’s recipe, we elegantly and neatly whisk the egg whites into snow, cook the sugar and honey in an open fire, mix everything slowly into a fine blend, and then finish off the process.
Pictures from our traditional production, left to right: 
Cooking in open fire | slowly mixing the sugar | Adding almonds | Pouring into shapes on wafer paper

Finally, there can be (for those who can’t get enough!) an additional decoration of almonds or fruits on top. left to right:
Cranberry decoration | Decoration of papaya and pineapple | The cutting of slices:

~In short ... what is Nougat Vital?
- incomparably delicious :-)
- artisanal since 1926, and still 100% natural
- great with coffee, as a snack or as a gift for your loved ones.
- elegantly wrapped in slices/bars, reclosable bags and as a pretty present
- naturally contains sugars, but also healthy honey and pure almonds
- made without colorants or preservatives. (which we do not need!)

~What flavours are there?
Vital nougat exists in several basic flavors, all based on natural ingredients and real flavour extracts.
left to right: Almond | Fruit | Cappuccino | Chocolate | Raspberry and Pistachio

~Is that all?
Not it isn't! We also have nougat without nuts, and our ravishing Supreme nougat bars:
clockwise: Chocolate | Almond | Papaya & Pineapple | Cranberry | Ginger & Apricot | Cappuccino

~Chocolate and nougat ... a delicious combination.
Under the motto "best of both worlds", our chocolatiers have also created various combinations of chocolate with nougat. Needless to say that we do not lack fans!  left to right: Dipped nougat, dark chocolate 70% | Dipped nougat, milk chocolate | Nougat bizarre, dark chocolate 70% | Nougat bizarre, milk chocolate

...and because our chefs never get enough of it: the only real Belgian babelutte, made with salted butter, candied sugar and a pinch of secret recipe:

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