October 1st 2019

We proudly present our latest product innovation: vegan granulated nougat.
This innovation has been made without chicken egg white, which has been replaced by potato proteins.

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ref. 23000 - Vegan granulated nougat, available from January 2020.


Since several years, we have been producing nougat cream and granulated nougat for the artisan and industrial manufacturers of chocolates, pastries and ice cream.

Now, our granulated nougat is available 100% vegan, obviously without chicken egg white and free from honey. Moreover, the vegan nougat is:

  • clean label
  • gluten, palm and peanut free
  • without E-numbers
  • 18 months shelf life

Download the product flyer here, and contact us for further information!

Vegan granulated nougat, the perfect ingredient for your chocolate (fillings), pastries and ice cream.