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Granulated nougat: the 'added value' for your sweet recipes.

To create delicacies, such as: chocolate bars, -tablets, -napolitains, -fillings, -mousses, cakes, ice cream, bavarois, breakfast cereals, cereal bars and so on. Available in various calibres, so that you can make the right choice.

New: vegan granulated nougat, egg free:
23000 Vegan granulated nougat 0 to 5mm
23010 Vegan granulated nougat 1,5 to 3mm
23020 Vegan granulated nougat 1,5 to 5mm
23030 Vegan granulated nougat 3 to 10mm

25000 Fairtrade granulated nougat 0 to 5mm
25001 Fairtrade granulated nougat 1,5to 3mm

14000 Nougat powder < 0,5mm
140053 Granulated nougat 0 to 3mm
140051 Granulated nougat 0,5 to 3mm
14010 Granulated nougat 1,5 to 3mm
14030 Granulated nougat 0 to 5mm
14040 Granulated nougat 0,5 to 5mm
140110 Granulated nougat 1,5 to 5mm
14020 Granulated nougat 3 to 5mm
14025 Granulated nougat 3 to 10mm

Cooled (<=10°C) shipping and storage. 18 months shelf life. Packaging: 5kg HDPE bag-in-box, 600kg/pallet.

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