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Soft, perfectly chewable and digestible energy bars of 40g - 45g - 50g - 55g - 60g

Nougat... THE energy source!

The traditional structure of sucrose (refined crystal sugar) and glucose (gluten free sugar syrup from wheat or maize starch) is the ideal basis to form an energy bar that meets today's needs.

We can develop that for you.

Moreover, we'll work together on that basis: honey, royal jelly, maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose, palatinose... we use them to arrive at the ideal carbohydrate profile, for example in a 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio.
For your next energy bar, you can choose from ten contemporary flavours, all of which offer great advantages:
- not unimportant: they're super tasty
- our nougat is resistant to shocks and higher temperatures
- the shelf life is 18 months, guaranteed
- the fat content is low

Moreover, we offer work
able MOQs and low start-up costs.

Also available organic and vegan. Your wish... is our next project.

Contact us.

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