The word nougat comes from the Latin nux gatum, which means nut cake.

It is a traditional delicacy, well known in all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, and in the Middle East. Since nuts and honey are locally abundant overthere, they are the essential ingredients in any nougat, worthy of the name.

Many types of nougat can be found, often produced by the descendants of Spanish and Italian families whom emigrated and brought their recipes with them, to their new homes.

Nougat is pre-eminently the symbol of travel, of migration. And of sharing avant la lettre, because you rarely taste nougat alone.

In France, the typical Montélimar almond nougat was created after Olivier de Serres planted the first almond trees in the Ardèche.
The origins of nougat, however, are much older: historical sources can be traced back to the Byzantine Empire (from late Antiquity to the Middle Ages).

Nougat is a subtle marriage. The recipe from grandfather Vital that we still faithfully produce every day is 100% tradition:

- fresh egg whites are carefully beaten to snow
- fine sugar and pure honey are boiled in copper kettles
- whole almonds and pistachios are folded in
- a pinch of natural vanilla completes it

Sometimes an extra decoration of almonds or fruit is allowed on top.

Nougat Vital therefore contains no chemical substances, just pure and honest ingredients, and... time. In order to obtain the right texture, we sometimes leave the pâte to rest up to three days.


When given the right time, the soft nougat is cut and packaged. Hard nougat is cooked to a higher temperature and, after cooling, chopped. With proper preparation, (our) nougat can be stored at room temperature for 18 months.


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