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Vital and Elsa - Confectionery manufacturers

If you can dream it, you can do it. (Walt Disney)

Image: generation 1, Vital and Elsa Gormez-Soens (1926-1965)

For three generations, our family has been driven by the noble and rare craftsmanship of "Maître Nougatier".
We are dedicated to serving you the finest nougat, created with the most exquisite ingredients, employing traditional cooking techniques, allowing the necessary time in the kitchen, and above all... respecting every individual and the environment we live in.


Vital, scion of a family of confectioners, leaves his birthplace of Constantinople (nowadays Istanbul) to uncover the secrets of all types of 'nougat.'
In Montélimar, Alicante and Verona, he sequentially acquaints himself with soft French nougat, Spanish turròn and jijona, and the hard Italian torrone.


He perfects himself in this new craft and discovers the wonderful texture and the extended shelf life of the delicacies.

Ultimately, his journey leads him to Belgium, where a new adventure would commence. In Ghent, Vital falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful young Elsa Soens. Around 1926, Vital and Elsa Gormez proudly earn their living with their own creations.


Vital quickly understands that the extremely sweet taste of the sunny south may not be as appreciated in the fresh north. Without compromising the genuine character, he tempers the sweetness by discreetly adjusting the honey percentage, while keeping the almond content high. After a long quest, he finally develops a remarkably balanced flavour... one that would soon gain popularity.

In 1948, their efforts are rewarded with the Gold Medal at the Food Fair in Brussels.

Confectionery manufacturers

Image: generation 2, Maurice and Lydie Gormez-Haerinck (1965-2005)


Vital and Elsa had three children and in 1962 their son Maurice permanently joined his parents in their 'atelier'. Growing up near the steaming boilers, Maurice inherits his father's fine nose for quality.
As managers, Maurice and his wife Lydie have been looking further since 1965. In 1978 they moved the company to a larger location in Nevele and in 1984 they took part in the International SüsswarenMesse in Cologne. It will be the start of a successful export story.

Nougat appears to be resistant to temperature changes and its long shelf life of 18 months makes it an ideal export product. In 1985 their work was rewarded with the Oscar for Export in Brussels.

Confectionery manufacturers

Image: generation 3, Matthias and Veronique Haeck-Gormez (2005-today)


Vital 2.0

Since 1994, son-in-law Matthias Haeck and daughter Veronique Gormez have formed the third Vital generation. They introduce the concept of marketing and the brand becomes a pioneer in the industry: often copied, but not yet equaled.
In 2005 they took a big step with the construction of a completely new state-of-the-art production hall. The production process is rethought, with respect for the original recipes, automated where useful. Purchasing, production, sales and logistics are integrated into a sophisticated organization in which product quality and safety are central.

Today, 'Nougat Vital' is FAVV validated, as well as IFS Food v.8 (unannounced audits), Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and US FDA certified.

Vital 1926 NV is a proud member of VOKA since the 1930s, memeber of Fevia and Matthias Haeck is a member of the Board of Directors of Choprabisco.



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