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Our nougat
nougat in standing bags
XM001 Bag 150g soft nougat Christmas
01100 Bag 150g hard nougat almond
01000 Bag 150g soft nougat almond/pistachio
01003 Bag 150g soft nougat fleur de sel
01001 Bag 150g soft nougat cranberry
01002 Bag 150g soft nougat vanilla and chocolate
nougat slices of heaven
21150 Nougat slice 100g fleur de sel de Guérande
21140 Nougat slice 100g pistachio
21100 Nougat slice 100g almond
21110 Nougat slice 100g vanilla & cocoa
21120 Nougat slice 100g cranberry
21130 Nougat slice 100g candied orange
classic soft 75g nougat bars
75000 Soft 75g nougat bar 28% almond 2% pistachio
75030 Soft 75g nougat bar cranberry
75040 Soft 75g nougat bar fleur de sel
coconut bars and bits with chocolate
30002K Coconut rocks milk chocolate 3kg
30002R Rum rocks dark chocolate 3kg
30001M Cocowa 12x80g milk chocolate
30001F Cocowa 12x80g dark chocolate
300074 Neutral coconut bars 24x80g milk chocolate
30007 Neutral coconut bars 24x80g dark chocolate
pure nougat, unwrapped
10002 Wooden box 4,5kg nougat 28% almond 2% pistachio
1000200 Display 2,5kg nougat 28% almond 2% pistachio
10002XXX Bulk nougat different flavours
mono wrapped nougat
10601 Silo 1,2kg Soft nougat 30% almond/pistachio
10603 Silo 1,2kg Soft nougat chocolate
10604 Silo 1,2kg Soft nougat cappuccino
10602 Silo 1,2kg Soft nougat cranberry
10002A 2kg Soft nougat 30% almond/pistachio
10002C 2kg Soft nougat chocolate
10002M 2kg Soft nougat cappuccino
10002K 2kg Soft nougat cranberry
100033 2kg Soft nougat neutral strawberry
100031 2kg Soft nougat neutral 20% almond
100032 2kg Soft nougat neutral chocolate
100035 2kg Soft nougat neutral cappuccino
1000373 2kg Soft nougat neutral cranberry
nougat in gift pouches
18000 Pouch 150g soft almond & pistachio nougat
18001 Pouch 150g soft cranberry nougat
18002 Pouch 150g soft vanilla & chocolate nougat
supreme nougat bars
17000 Supreme nougat bar, almond
17050 Supreme nougat bar, almond and Belgian chocolate
17020 Supreme nougat bar, almond, pistachio and raisin
17060 Supreme nougat bar, cranberry
17090 Supreme nougat bar, candied orange
private label energy bars
granulated nougat
Granulated nougat, fine, 3mm
Granulated nougat, medium, 5mm
Granulated nougat, coarse, 10mm
nougat cream
14050(0/1) Nougat cream
organic fair trade nougat
27000 Organic fair trade 10x150g bag almond nougat
27010 Organic fair trade 10x150g bag vanilla & coffee nougat
27020 Organic fair trade 10x150g bag vanilla & chocolate nougat
27070 Organic fair trade 10x150g bag cranberry nougat
27520 Silo 700g organic fair trade 8g almond nougat
27530 Silo 700g organic fair trade 8g coffee & chocolate nougat
our quality certificates
IFS Food v.7
Private Label
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